Xiaomi will launch a phone with the hidden camera under the screen in 2021

Xiaomi will launch a phone with the hidden camera under the screen in 2021

Xiaomi has announced that in 2021 it will officially start “the large-scale production of smartphones equipped with third-generation under-screen cameras.” In this way, the company’s high-end devices will not need to make a hole in the front for their front cameras.

Currently, most of Xiaomi phones place their front lenses in small ‘holes’ , one of the most common solutions in the sector (the other is the famous ‘eyebrow’).

This new technology is capable of perfectly hiding the front camera under the screen of the phone “, says Xiaomi in a press release. In this way, they continue,” this technology makes the full screen effect a reality “.

It is not the first technology that tries to achieve this (Oppo already presented its solution a year ago ) nor, in fact, is it the first attempt by Xiaomi, which this time has presented the third generation. “The full-screen effect has been greatly improved through in-house development techniques, such as pixel arrangement and camera algorithm optimization, which allow to show the same performance as conventional front-facing cameras,” they explain.

The pixel arrangement allows the display to allow light to pass “through the sub-pixel separation area”, thereby achieving “that each individual pixel retains a complete RGB sub-pixel arrangement without sacrificing the density of the sub-pixels” . The company ensures that the area above the camera “shows the same brightness, color gamut and color accuracy as the rest of the screen.”

At the moment it is not known which will be the first Xiaomi phone that will hit the market with this technology, although it does not seem that it will do so before mid-2021, since mass production would not begin until next year.

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