Xiaomi prepares its own ‘Nespresso’ coffee machine

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Xiaomi is a Chinese brand known for three things: its mobiles, its home devices and they sell very cheaply, at a knockdown price. And although with mobiles this is no longer entirely true , in other categories it is still true.

In Spain, their products always arrive under the main brand, but in China they have several associated brands that are part of a ‘Xiaomi ecosystem’, as is the case of Mijia, the brand under which they are preparing a capsule coffee maker in the style of the famous Nespresso.

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The presentation in society of the Mijia coffee machine is on July 8, when the crowdfunding campaign is launched in China. It remains to be seen if enough users make the purchase at this time, as this crowdfunding is not so much due to the need for money as to study if the market is interested. Given that Xiaomi already has another such coffee maker on the market, it would be easy to think that it will succeed.

This other official Xiaomi coffee maker has a somewhat higher price (about 65 euros) than that of Mijia, which will cost less than 50 euros at the exchange rate in yuan. It is a competitive price that, however, is not too far from what you can pay for some Nespresso when they are on sale. After all, as much as the Nestlé coffee maker as with any of the other brands, the business is in the coffee capsules.

In this sense, Mijia seeks to be as varied as possible, since it would not only prepare coffees, but also soy drinks, teas and other mini smoothies of various flavors.

Now we just have to wait for it to arrive in Spain, because as always with these products, Xiaomi tests and launches in China before making the leap to the international market

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