Xiaomi Mi 10: it only has one problem, but it is the price

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If Xiaomi has managed to have a legion of unconditional followers that attend each event and applaud each feature as if they had shares in the company, it has been thanks to the quality of their phones … since they had an unbeatable price. In recent times the company has launched several terminals that increase the first at the expense of the second. Of those, sacrifices, these muds that drag the Xiaomi Mi 10, a magnificent product for too high a price: 799 euros .

In exchange for this not inconsiderable amount, we get a very high-end terminal with features that have little to envy to the flagships of other brands. But there are 799 reasons to argue that, of course; it would be missing more.

Exceeding 500 euros means jumping a psychological barrier that for many is insurmountable economically. Any telephone that cannot be paid with a single ticket is made for a very specific audience : the one that is willing to make that expense. If a Skoda competed in price and performance with a Ferrari, it would be very difficult to impose itself on the rampant horse .

This is probably not fair to a Xiaomi that has spent years providing quality phones at print prices. Suddenly he decides to go a step further and it turns out that we liked his first albums more , before they became commercial. Paradoxically, this is the price that the company must pay if this is the price it wants us to pay.

The consideration is a mobile with the appearance of the range to which it belongs. Noble materials, almost infinite screen, beast performance, four cameras and a design that combines all of the above with a mixture of elegance and compromise. Ahead is perfect; behind it it has the protuberances to which this photographic Cold War is accustoming us in which the arms race are lenses instead of satellites. We will not reach the Moon, but at this rate we will be able to photograph it.

Thus, what is sober and modern on the front, with its screen slightly curved at the edges -which hardly exist at the top and bottom-, at the rear is closer to brutalism. Three lenses in a module and a larger, independent fourth are attached to a flash to occupy approximately 40% of their respective lane. The total is much smaller, but the feeling is that they dominate the entire space. It doesn’t help that it’s impossible to place the phone on them without it wobbling.

Of course, there is a silver lining to this, which is being able to boast of a 108 megapixel camera. Seen like this, it even compensates: it costs less than eight euros per megapixel . The reality is that, although the result is more than correct and far superior to what we had seen in the mid-range, it is too far from what the industry leaders in photography achieve. In their defense, yes, we must remember that they start from much higher prices.

Of the cameras, the number stands out more than the result, without this being bad at all. The macro that replaces the telephoto lens of the Pro model is possibly the most incomprehensible decision of this terminal. In any case, and with tests limited to what can be done from home, no one will be disappointed by the photos they take.

If confinement hasn’t helped make your camera stand out, making the days what you spend between chapters has given you the assistance you need to stay alone in front of the goalkeeper when it comes to your 6.67-inch screen. . And he solves it by the square and without looking; What a great panel goal.

The sound accompanies (there is the rare situation of having to lower the volume of the phone so as not to disturb) and the Mi 10 perfectly becomes a second television to go to if the one who presides over the room is busy. The 90Hz soda, to continue with the football simile, is more like the left back: it is there because it has to be there, but nobody expects it to be the star.

The fingerprint reader that is placed behind the screen works perfectly, although it does not give the feeling of being completely immediate. In any case, it is always preferable one that does not fail and takes your time – we are talking about thousandths of a second; It is an area where you have to be fussy – one who is only the fastest the few times he gets his job done the first time.

The rest of the components do a magnificent job which, again, only has the asterisk of the price. It is fast, it can with any application and it has a battery that would last up to two days without going home, if now we could get out of it.

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