Worst Year for Wildfires on America’s West Coast


The consequences of the climate crisis
This wave of extreme weather is consistent with climate change, in the opinion of the scientific community, and an even harsher world climate and greater risks of natural disasters can be expected as global greenhouse gas emissions continue.
With no end in sight
In addition to the heat and dryness, the strong winds that have blown in the last few hours are spreading the fires at high speed and making the work of firefighters enormously difficult and are not expected to let up in the immediate future.

the entire West Coast, affected
In addition to California, the other two states on the west coast of the United States, Washington and, above all, Oregon, are also suffering a wave of fires these days due to the intense heat experienced last weekend (in which in many places the long exceeded 40 degrees Celsius) and dryness.

More than 252,000 hectares razed
As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the fires have already devastated more than 252,000 acres and have forced some 20,000 residents of Butte, Plumas and Yuba counties to flee their homes.

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