Why is television filled with movies and reruns in the summer?


We answer the most repeated question in summer: Why is TV full of movies and refried foods?

The summer offer, and even more so that of prime time, is almost completely limited to films and repetitions of programs already seen during the season. But that decision responds to three logical keys that have a lot to do with the spectators themselvesr


Many families take advantage of summer nights to meet in front of the television and discover that the offer is full only of cinema . There are almost no entertainment premieres, new programs to discover, much less reality shows, or open series that land in summer.


But why? Q. or just when we have more time to watch TV without up early on the next day, is at least attractive offers we? It is one of the most repeated questions in summer and the answer is more logical than it might seem.


It is argued from three keys that lead the chains to bet on said grill of movies and refried foods, year after year.


Fewer viewers in front of TV: lower consumption

Temperatures rise, classes end, holidays arrive and, of course, the consumption habits of spectators change . We are no longer at noon in front of the screen to eat watching the news, or at night we finish dinner and tune in one last program before going to sleep. The summer days catch many spending their days on paradisiacal beaches, hiking in the mountains and dining in any place away from civilization. Or simply in the street, taking advantage of the good weather.


For all this, television consumption decreases, there are fewer viewers in front of the television and it has much less audience . This is clearly reflected in Barlovento’s annual report on monthly consumption.


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