Why do the letters F and J have a hairline on the keyboard?

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We are used to them. It’s true. From your very first computer, you know that both the letter F and the letter J have underneath a line that protrudes from the keyboard . Always. But the safest thing is that you have never considered why or what they are for. And no, they are neither a simple decoration nor serve as a reference for blind people.

It follows an idea that inventor June E. Botich had in 2002

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Before explaining its role, it is important to note that the keyboard is an office automation tool and, as such, it is designed so that people work in the most efficient way possible. Thus, for example, the QWERTY letters are arranged in that way so that the most frequently used are not close together and the weight of the movement is distributed between the two hands. Which already shows that everything in him is thought for some reason.

In the case of the F and J, it follows an idea that inventor June E. Botich had in 2002.Its function, since then, is to be a reference guide to improve the learning and training process in typing.. In fact, this is the record of Free Patents Online. These small reliefs allow you to place your hands on the keyboard without looking at it . You probably don’t use them that way, but they are arranged in this way to allow you to quickly place your index fingers in the appropriate places. Knowing where F and J are, you can find any other key simply by using your muscle memory.

But why these two letters specifically? First of all, because they are right in the middle of the keyboard. Do not lose sight of the fact that it is designed to be used with all ten fingers, in such a way that the better placed they are, the faster the writing speed. And, secondly, because they coincide with the position of the index fingers, which are the ones that accumulate the greatest amount of movements.

The case of number 5
Nowadays, those keyboards that also have a number pad on the right, also have their own raised mark, located at number 5 and that serves the same purpose of tactile orientation. Although most laptops no longer have this deployment, so it has been disappearing.

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