WhatsApp abandons the ‘vacation mode’ function

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WhatsApp has been working in the so-called “ vacation mode ” since 2018. It was a long-awaited option because it promised to be able to disconnect, in a simple way, from groups and conversations when we need time for ourselves. But it seems that now the platform has decided to throw in the towel and has abandoned the development of the functionality.

Again, it has been the digital WABetaInfo , specialized in tracking everything new that WhatsApp brings, which has announced that the platform owned by Facebook has abandoned the vacation mode function. This has been announced in a tweet.

The vacation mode feature, which was planned to roll out earlier on Android and iOS devices , would essentially have allowed us to completely ignore any chats we had archived. Currently we have the option to silence and even archive WhatsApp chats , but when there are new messages, they appear on the main screen of the application, making it difficult to really disconnect from conversations.

Vacation mode would have served to prevent archived chats from reappearing at the top of the main screen of the app, even with new messages in them.

It was precisely WABetaInfo who announced, in 2018, that WhatsApp was developing this function that has now been abandoned. At the moment the reasons why the company has taken this step backwards are unknown.

Other features in development

On the other hand, WhatsApp would also be working to allow users to silence chats forever. Currently, the application gives us the options to silence for eight hours, a week or a year. The company could eliminate the current limit of one year and thus the chats would be silenced until further notice.

This feature can be useful for people who are part of unwanted groups but are unable to leave due to compromise or other reasons. However, the feature is still “in development” and the company has not yet officially announced a stable version for users.

Meanwhile, WABetaInfo has also discovered a feature that allows users to send text messages that disappear after a specified period of time . In fact, they already discovered it a while ago, but now it seems that WhatsApp could be reaching the final version of the function.

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