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The online payment options are becoming more extensive and their use is faster and easier. In fact, for the majority of the population, entering the card number and its security code on web pages or applications is part of their day to day life. However, despite its use being more than standardized, the risks remain considerable. According to the Bank of Spain, each year more than a million fraudulent card operations are registered, 64% of which are made remote purchases . Most of them consist of thefts of small amounts of which the user is not always aware. To avoid being a victim of one of these frauds, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) advises having a prepaid card as a complement to the traditional credit cardl. This will be a plus in security and savings.

Advantages of prepaid cards
1. The main one is that in the event of fraud, the user may limit its scope, since the amount defrauded will never be greater than the balance previously charged .

2. Most have no annual fee, no commission for reloading or transfer.

3. They usually allow you to withdraw money from any ATM without commissions, two or three times a month or up to a certain amount: normally up to 200 euros.

4. They include Bizum and some even allow you to pay directly with your mobile using Google Pay or Apple Pay.

5. They are very easy to hire . All you have to do is download the app of the chosen account on your mobile; enter personal data in it; and authenticate the profile for the entity, either by sending a photo of the DNI, or with a video call, explains the OCU.

6. They are also very useful to provide a means of payment for minor children.

7. If you travel abroad and decide to pay by card, with a prepaid card you will not be charged commissions for currency exchange and you will not be charged for ATM withdrawals.

Which are the best?
Everything will depend on your needs. If you want to make and receive transfers, it is necessary to contract one of those that are linked to an account with IBAN, such as N26, Revolut (standard account), Rebellion Pay or BNC10. If it is only going to be used for online purchases and a Spanish issuer gives you more confidence, Bnext is the best option, clarifies the OCU.

Other safe options?
Another very popular alternative to credit cards is Paypal . This free digital wallet does not share your financial information as you only need an email and password to trade. In this way, you will not have to enter your bank details on the websites where you make your purchase. The company acts as an intermediary and allows you to pay with your Paypal balance (for this you must make a transfer to your PayPal account in advance) or by linking your bank account or your debit / credit card.

Bizum is also gaining ground in online shopping . It is a payment platform integrated into Internet banking and the mobile banking applications of each entity. This system allows you to send and receive money immediately to any phone number . In addition to sending and receiving money from strangers, one use that is also gaining popularity is paying for purchases online. To use this payment method it is necessary to: create the Bizum Keyin the application of your bank; select Bizum as the payment method at the time of purchase; enter your phone number and a Bizum password and validate the purchase by entering the code indicated by your bank. However, it should be remembered that none of these payment methods escapes cybercrime networks and users can be involved in some fraud, even if only to a small extent.

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