What is the electronic DNI for? How can I activate and use it?

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What is the electronic DNI for? How can I use it? And activate it? These are some of the questions that you will ask yourself the moment you realize that you also have him. In fact, very few people use it regularly. But the reality is thatallows you to carry out a multitude of procedures from the comfort of our homes and without the need to step on the physical offices with total security. Something that, in times of COVID-19 , is especially appreciated.

The DNIe contains all the data of our traditional DNI, as well as the fingerprint, the photograph and the signature in digital format

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The first big question is: do I have it? If you have renewed your DNI in recent years, most likely you already have it. Although that does not mean that you can use it from now on. First of all, a digital permission is required to enable us to access your virtual services . To obtain this certificate from the Public Administration, you have to go to a Police Station and insert your card into one of the machines that they make available to the public. Next, you will type the keys that will have been provided to you at the time of renewal. Once done, you must change the password to start operating.

To use the DNIe online, you must have a smart card reader . This can be built into the keyboard, can be connected via USB to a personal computer, or can be used through a PCMCIA ( Personal Computer Memory Card International Association ). These can be purchased from 10 euros and, after installing it like any other program, you can proceed to use it.

What is needed to use the electronic DNI
What is necessary to use the electronic DNI / Photo: Police / Archive
Finally, we have to install the electronic certificates of validation of the DNIe on the computer. These are not the same ones that we have had to activate in the machine, but are stored in the card’s own chip and serve to show that we really are who we say we are. Once this is finished, it will be enough to insert the ID in the reader to access the virtual offices that allow you to carry out procedures in this way.

What can I use the electronic DNI for?
The DNIe contains all the data of our traditional DNI, as well as the fingerprint, the photograph and the signature in digital format. In addition, it has an electronic certificate that guarantees the identity of the citizen and another that allows us to sign electronically with the same validity as if we did it in a traditional way.

As stated in the DNI Certification Practices Statement, electronic certificates may be used:

As a means of Identity Authentication. The Certificate of Authentication (Digital Signature) ensures the holder, in electronic communication, to prove his identity to anyone.
As a means of electronic signature of documents. By using the Signature Certificate (non Repudition) , the recipient of an electronically signed message can verify the authenticity of that signature, thus being able to prove the identity of the signer without the latter being able to repudiate it.
As a means of certifying the integrity of a document. It allows checking that the document has not been modified by any agent external to the communication.
As a Travel Document. The DNI 3.0 has a data structure equivalent to the passport. In this sense, the DNI 3.0 can perform Travel Document functions in the countries that accept it as such, and its use is allowed in the Fast Border Crossings (ABC Systems) in a totally equivalent way to a passport.

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