What if there was an app that could calculate the percentage of people with coronavirus in a place?

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In Spain we are very aware that the Radar Covid coronavirus tracking app is fully operational, which will only happen when each autonomous community can implement it. This is not expected to happen until September. However, the effectiveness of the application, which uses Bluetooth and proximity for more than 15 minutes, is in question.

But can you imagine that there was an app that was capable of knowing the percentage of infected people in a space, establishment or room ? Wouldn’t it be very useful to try to avoid depending on which places?

It is what is proposed in this short film. The problem is that such a tool could create a certain paranoia and make people fight each other (yes, even more than we already are). We do not tell you more to avoid spoilers.

The short has been created by the youtuber Krish TV and was published in mid-April, in full confinement. Don’t expect an audiovisual marvel, but it’s okay to take a look at it to have a good time and reflect on the subject.

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