What if I take a screenshot on Instagram Stories

What if I take a screenshot on Instagram Stories?

There has long been a theory that if someone snaps a screenshot of someone else’s Instagram story , the owner of the photo or video will know.Supposedly, the application would send you a message indicating that such person has saved your content on your phone. But is this true?

It should be borne in mind that the idea of ​​establishing these publications of limited duration came from Snapchat

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It should be taken into account that the idea of ​​establishing these publications of limited duration (only 24 hours) came from Snapchat , which was the first to adopt measures to guarantee the privacy of its users. Thus, in order to prevent anyone from storing an image that was expected to disappear in less than a day, it instituted this measure: notify its owner that someone had taken a screenshot of their publication . Of course, with names and surnames so that she could take the actions she considered appropriate.

At first, this novelty was received with a clamor among his followers, who gradually adapted to it. What happened? That Instagram also adopted it in February 2018 , generating even greater controversy. On the one hand, there were those who appreciated such a rule because that way they felt safer and, on the other hand, there were those who showed their discomfort at the implications it would have. The debate was served. In this way, each time a screenshot was made, it would notify the owner of the stolen content . But, is it still valid today?

The answer is no. Well, when such a stir was generated, the app made the decision to deactivate this function just four months later. In fact, after that time he explained that it had only been implemented in some users and, in any case, as tests to test its success. This was explained to the BuzzFeed News website that same year, ending the controversy and calming the nerves of some instagramers

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