Vietnam, the country without deaths from coronavirus, faces a new wave more virulent

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Vietnam recorded its first two coronavirus cases on January 23. A 66-year-old man who had been in Wuhan tested positive shortly after returning. Like his 28-year-old son. Then many predicted that the coronavirus would spread through a country with more than 95 million citizens , which has a poor health infrastructure, eight doctors for every 100,000 inhabitants and which shares a border of more than 1,100 kilometers with China .

But Vietnam anticipated the coming pandemic and by February 1 it had already closed its borders. A week later it was the first country outside of China to impose a massive quarantine on several villages outside the city of Hanoi. Also, in the absence of technology and applications to track infections, the ruling Communist Party’s military was in charge of tracking and isolating all the people who had been in contact with those infected. The World Health Organization (WHO) repeatedly praised the speed with which Vietnam acted to prevent the virus from spreading. The data supported it, especially in its mortality box: zero deaths from Covid-19.

Until last Saturday, the country had gone 99 days without reporting any case of local contagion . But the positive from a 57-year-old man in Da Nang , the third largest city, broke the record and now authorities say the situation is “high alert . ” A new wave has reached the Asian country. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc warned yesterday that every city was at risk and that the “new wave seemed different from the one seen at the beginning of the year.” It would be, according to health experts, a “new strain of the virus that originated outside the country and that seemed to be more virulent . ”

For now, 30 new cases have been detected in Da Nang, where three days ago the authorities evacuated 80,000 people who were vacationing in this city in the center of the country. It is feared that people who have come to Da Nang on vacation these last weeks may have spread the virus to other parts of the country. Two other cases have been located in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Hanoi. In total, there are 459 infected in a country that had returned to total normality by lifting all restrictions and that has now resumed measures of social distancing and the mandatory use of masks in the main focus of this new wave in Da Nang.

The main source of these new cases is still unknown, but local media have pointed to people who have been crossing into Vietnam illegally from China. The authorities have indicated that in the last weeks , 50 Chinese citizens who had crossed the border clandestinely have been arrested .

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Precisely, in the Asian giant they are also facing the highest data of daily infections since April. Today they have reported 105 new infections , 96 are in the Xinjiang region . Another five have been located in Liaoning province, one in Beijing and three are imported cases. In total, mainland China has 84,165 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 4,634 deaths.

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