US justice refuses to force Apple to reinstate the Fortnite game in its app store

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Bittersweet feeling. The latest piece of the US-China trade war has a name: ” Fortnite .” The popular extreme survival game, the flagship digital product of the company Epic Games, a subsidiary of the Chinese group Tencent, will finally be left out of the App Store, but the blocking of development technology by Apple is prevented.

The judge of the court of the northern district of the United States Y vonne Gonz├ílez Rogers has issued a ruling this Tuesday in which he agrees with the video game developer Epic Games. The resolution establishes that the Unreal Engine tool, the graphic engine with which some video games are developed and that affects thousands of developers , cannot be blocked , although it also agrees with Apple in the exit of “Fortnite” from the application store App Store.

The flaw protects the Unreal Engine computer software from the creator of “Fortnite” (Epic Games), which many developer companies use to create their applications. This tool had become the subject of a commercial battle between the two companies. “Epic Games and Apple are free to confront each other, but their dispute should not cause problems for third parties,” argued the judge.

Marketing maneuver or fight against the power of large technology companies, something that is still not clear . The truth is that the clash between Epic Games and Apple began at the moment when the developer, which has faced other giants in the sector since 2016, introduced its own direct payment method to bypass Apple’s requirements for applications who want to enter the App Store. The American company collects between 15% and 30% commission . The decision caused the withdrawal of “Fortnite” from the platform, preventing its download by new users.

Epic Games has alleged in a lawsuit that Apple engages in anti-competitive practices by abusing its dominant position in the iPhone application market. “Apple and all persons active in or involved with Apple temporarily have the ability to take adverse action against Epic Games with respect to restricting, suspending or terminating any Epic Games affiliate from the Apple Developer Program, including Unreal Engine,” it says. the judge in the document.

Regarding the direct payment system of “Fortnite”, Gonz├ílez Rogers has pointed out that the company “has not shown irreparable damage” and that “the current situation” with the popular game “seems of its own creation”, thereby denying its reset in app store. At the moment, and pending an agreement, the title will not be able to be downloaded on the iPhone . It is also not available in the Google store.

Microsoft, for its part, has sided with the video game developer Epic Games in the battle that it has with Apple and announced that it has presented documents in court supporting Epic’s thesis and against the abuses of the Cupertino company in the App Store. The firm led by Satya Nadella thus joins Facebook, Spotify and Match (owner of Tinder), which already last week positioned themselves in favor of the developer of the popular video game.

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