Unthinkable things that triumph in the coronavirus world: watching others study on YouTube is a viral phenomenon

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Videos of three and four hours, with or without music and, sometimes, following the Pomodoro study method. YouTube becomes a great virtual library
If you are a student you will feel identified with these memeseek concentration in ‘Study with me’ videos on YouTubePixabay
During the months of isolation there were vermouths, birthday parties , lunches, meetings –of course–, parties, games… Everything and everything virtual. And what we could call ‘virtual libraries’ have also been created .

Although it is not one of the phenomena born of the health crisis, since it was developed previously, it has reached high levels of monitoring in the coronavirus world . Basically, it means watching others study on YouTube , with the objective, obviously, that this helps you to concentrate and study yourself.

In a physical library you have human contact: either when commenting on notes, asking questions or wasting time … but it is necessary. However, these study centers also have a group component, that is, to motivate each other by the mere fact of seeing everyone studying . And you also have this part if you watch others study on YouTube, although – unless they are group videos – you will only see one person.

YouTube becomes a virtual library

Just by putting ‘Study with me’ or ‘Study with me’ on YouTube you will see that watching others study has gone viral. For example, the channel ‘Diario de un MIR’, with 95,200 subscribers, has – in addition to many other videos – several of ‘Study with me’. One of them almost reached 354,688 views. It is where he applies the Pomodoro study technique.

What is sought is that there is a connection between the ‘ youtuber ‘ and his dedicated followers. Therefore, this system is widely used in this type of videos. It consists of studying absolutely concentrated during blocks of 25 minutes and taking 5-minute breaks between one and the other.

Usually, the people who make these videos indicate several characteristics in the description, so that the viewer chooses the one that best suits their tastes: they specify how much time of the video is actually dedicated to studying, if there is music or not and – in case of apply it – if they are going to follow the Pomodoro method.

You know, if you find it difficult to concentrate to study at home, try opening the doors of this virtual library that YouTube has become.

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