Twitter launches the option to limit replies in tweets for iOS and then rolls back

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Twitter launched last Wednesday, only on iOS , the option to limit who can reply to tweets . It is a function that was promised a few months ago and that those users with many followers are looking forward to, because it would help stop the trolls that proliferate on the network.

However, within hours of launch, the company has backtracked . As Twitter has confirmed to the digital The Verge , this new function was launched “by mistake ” by accidentally sneaking into the options available to regulate responses on the network.

According to Wednesday’s announcement, the app would now allow all users to limit who can reply to their tweets. Twitter has been experimenting with this feature since May, and this week it released an update to the iPhone version of its mobile app, which seemed to announce that this feature was about to roll out for all users. However, today a Twitter spokesperson has acknowledged to The Verge that it accidentally sneaked in and that the function, for the moment, is not being implemented.

“In May, we tested a new way to converse with exactly who you want, so that you can create and consume more meaningful changes,” read the update text on the App Store. “Now everyone can try this new feature and choose who can reply to their tweets.”

Apparently, this text accidentally slipped into the description of the update , so, at the moment, this function is not available to everyone, only a small group of users who could test its operation.

Those with access can use the feature by simply tapping the box above the keyboard when composing a tweet that says “Everyone can reply.” They can then choose from three options : everyone can reply, only people who follow us, or only people who mention can reply. Choosing an option does not make it the default for future posts.

The limitation of answers can be an excellent way to avoid harassment. However, it could also reinforce discussion bubbles, in which users do not gain outside perspectives or interact with people beyond a limited circle.

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