Trump disdains the moderate vote and trusts his re-election to satisfy his faithful

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The moderate vote is history. And the center is no longer the field where the great political battles in the United States are fought. At least that is the idea that Donald Trump trusts in his entire strategy , determined to revalidate his position as president in November, completely ignoring the millions of citizens who move through the temperate zone of the ideological spectrum and turning exclusively to pampering their devotees. The Republican Party opens its national convention on Monday with Trump as the absolute protagonist.

80,000 faithful tipped the balance. Four years ago, Donald Trump won the presidency despite losing a direct vote. Although Hillary Clinton received 65.8 million votes and Trump 62.9, the Republican candidate prevailed by obtaining 304 electoral votes compared to 227 for the Democrat.

Despite the fact that Clinton garnered almost three million more ballots than Trump, the tycoon took some key states that all the forecasts awarded to his rival. Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin voted for the Republican candidate by a total margin of 80,000 votes.

Those thousands of voters, residents of some of the areas hardest hit by globalization and the relocation of industries, bought Trump’s anti- establishment discourse and tipped the balance in their favor. A VERY DEFINED GOALThe America between New York and Los Angeles. Despite some run-ins over coverage of the Republican Party primaries, one of Trump’s key strategists was the late Roger Ailes, the controversial presidential adviser (to Nixon, Reagan, and Bush Sr.) who launched the ultra-conservative network. Fox News and made it the most watched news channel on cable television in the US The recipe was simple, but only Ailes could see it: “There is a lot of America between New York and Los Angeles.”

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