Trump again suggests that Biden used drugs to improve his performance in primary debates

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The president of the United States , Donald Trump , has again suggested that the Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden , used drugs to improve his performance during the debates that took place during the primaries to choose the Democratic candidate for president.

“I think it is likely, possibly, that drugs were involved,” Trump said during an interview with Fox News that will be broadcast in full this Saturday.

“That’s what I’ve heard. I mean, possibly there were drugs. I don’t know how you can go from being so bad that you can’t even utter a sentence,” he insisted.

Trump has not provided any evidence to support his claims nor has he mentioned any specific drug, although he has specified that his hypothesis is based on his observations .

“I mean, you have seen some of those debates with a large number of people on stage,” he added, wondering “how is it possible that (Biden) can move on.”

It is not the first time that Trump has suggested that Biden uses drugs. He already assured that he would request that there be anti-drug tests before his debates with the Democratic candidate after questioning, also without tests, his improvement in the televised confrontations of the former vice president during the primaries.

Biden participated in more than a dozen debates throughout the Democratic Party primaries, but Trump seems especially surprised by his role in the one on March 15, when the former ‘number two’ of the Barack Obama Administration faced only Senator Bernie Sanders .

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“Nobody thought he was going to win,” Trump said, assuring that Biden’s previous appearances, before a larger number of candidates, had been “very bad.”

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