Triller, the Hollywood version of TikTok that has ‘signed’ Trump as an ‘influencer’

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Just ten days ago, the film producer and co-owner of the viral video app Triller, Ryan Kavanaugh, assured CNBC that his product is the adult version of TikTok and showed his confidence in reaching the Chinese application. President Donald Trump may have given the final accolade or the deadly lace to the company after learning that the president has opened a verified account on this social network. In his three days at Triller, the Republican has attracted 11,400 followers and posted four videos.

The videos bear the genuine brand of the house . The first of them is a compilation of clips of the president while his voice sounds exclaiming “I am a professional of technology” and “nobody can do it like me”. The others, basically, consist of attacks and mockery of his Democratic rival (“Joe Biden has no idea,” he says in the second).

Triller was, until Trump’s arrival, a relative unknown despite having been on the market since 2015 (two years longer than TikTok itself). The functionalities of the Californian application (its headquarters are in Los Angeles) are very similar to those of the Chinese leader: it claims to allow the creation of “professional-looking videos” and, like TikTok and its new rival Reels (from Instagram) , uses of artificial intelligence to edit the content recorded by users. It also allows registered users to add filters to modify the appearance, insert songs to turn short videos into musicals, offers personalization possibilities with text, drawings and emojis and collaborate with friends in group productions.

Among its main attractions are the accounts of stars like Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez, rappers like Snoop Dogg or Lil Wayne, or former TikTok influencers like Griffin Johnson, Noah Beck or Anthony Reeves. And that, not to mention its catalog of music videos thanks to its collaboration agreements with Sony, Universal, Warner and Spotify.

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