To see children choose, Smoke or Covid

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Parents are usually faced with the option of the ball park or Burger King when our little ones’ birthday arrives, the dilemma of whether to cover the books with the liner that sticks or the one that makes it easy, to Superman’s backpack / Spiderman or Hello Kitty / Frozen, but we have to choose between smoke or Covid …

When I spoke of the “Back to School” a few days ago I was based solely on data from the Community of Madrid, but not only the management of the “Popular” affects the Castizos. The lands irrigated by the Segura river are home to medlars, avocados, lemons, and a myriad of agricultural products are those that comprise the 312,131 hectares devoted to cultivation in the Murcia region, according to data from the Murcia Regional Statistics Center, updated on June 16 2020. Those products, worth the redundancy, in turn produce tons of agricultural waste, waste that is burned illegallyon a daily basis, this means that the unsanitary conditions that minors will face in Murcia next Monday with the beginning of the school year, can pose a serious problem. The suffering that Murcia experiences daily due to the huge amount of smoke in the environment to which they are subjected by illegal burning is completely unacceptable .

I am not very into making similes, but it is that in this country it is already known, the people bread and circus, so for those of us who understand little about the measures used in the field, and in my case it is not about football, I will make a comparison which may make you see the magnitude of the land: if the Enrique Roca-Real Murcia soccer field- grass does not reach one hectare, we can get an idea of ​​the immensity of land dedicated to agriculture in the region, and therefore consequently, the amount of waste that is produced.


What happens to all the organic material pruned or cleared? It burns, and that’s where they kill it.

Sticking to current legislation, it is Law 22/2011 , published in BOE No. 181 of July 29, 2011, on waste and contaminated soils that includes:

Article 2. Scope of application.
1 . This Law is applicable to all types of waste …
That a citizen does not know how to treat waste can become acceptable, that the farmer himself does not know, I doubt it, but that the Murcian government has to ask about how to treat something that they themselves systematically fail to comply with the “Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge ”is for you to look at. On May 18, the Ministry had to clarify to the General Directorate of the Environment of the Region of Murcia that everything related to waste is in Law 22/2011. I don’t even want to imagine the astonished face of Esther , spokesperson for the ” #StopQuemasMurcia Platform “.

Since the burning of agricultural waste is prohibited in its entirety, except with prior authorization if the presence of a certain pest is found, I can affirm that this prohibition is skipped daily as shown in the videos published by the aforementioned platform on its Twitter profile . The management of agricultural waste is hierarchical, its elimination being the last section of the process, if it occurs it would have to be done by means not harmful to health, hiring companies dedicated to the effect and counting on subsidies, since a lot of burden from multinationals They carry the farmers on their back, who are the ones who obtain the least benefits from the product that they themselves work. In any case and being repetitive, I will insist thatthe burning of agricultural residues is prohibited and penalized .

The lack of aid to the agricultural sector is yet another injustice that ends up behind the back of the ordinary citizen, and that is that each one sets their priorities.

I do not know in which head it is possible that 212,000 euros are allocated to a bullfighting school while it swallows smoke, a bullfighting school that houses, in addition to animal killers, alleged pedophiles recently arrested. I do not know in which head it is possible that it is subsidized with 8,500 euros to a Catholic entity that claims to attend to cases of “deviation of sexual conduct” while swallowing smoke. I do not know in what head it fits that while the “Platform #StopQuemasMurcia” came to present in the consistory a motion of support from the hand of Podemos-Equo, that same day Vox presented as a solution to the problems of Murcia the raising of a flag of 300 meters, I do not know if to stoke the fire or to cover the burundanga recipes of one of their candidates, thank goodness that after these aberrations they resigned “due to overwork.”

In Murcia there is only one environmental pollution meter, that of San Basilio, but the measurements should not be taken into account as it is quite far from most of the Murcian population and its districts.

If waking up every day with a cloud of smoke above your head is unacceptable, now we have to add the Covid-19 effect. The last reference that I have found in relation to the return to the classrooms in Murcia in point 5.6 says:

Cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of the center.
5.6.6. Frequent ventilation tasks must be carried out in the facilities, and for a space of at least five minutes (better 10 minutes if the room was occupied beforehand) at the beginning of the day, at the end and between classes, whenever possible and with the necessary preventive measures:
Whenever weather and building conditions allow, windows will be kept open for as long as possible.
The indoor air recirculation function of air conditioning systems shall not be used and efforts shall be made to increase the supply of fresh air.
This Monday in Murcia children will have to choose between smoke or Covid. All responsibility for waste management, health and education falls on Fernando Lopez Miras of the Popular Party, who delegates to Antonio Luengo, Minister of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Environment, so I could not fire without make mention of another pillar of the popular Murcia, Ana Martínez Vidal , who said that the Covid did not arrive in Murcia because they did not have “AVE”, and is that, and going back to the beginning, in Murcia, “It dawns that it is not little. “

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