This simple trick prevents WhatsApp photos and videos from filling up your mobile memory

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Each Spaniard spends around two hours a day on social networks and messaging services, according to data taken from the “Digital in 2020” report prepared by Hootsuite and We Are Social.

Taking into account that WhatsApp is the most used service when it comes to maintaining contact between family and friends, throughout the year there are many videos and photos that accumulate on the mobile phone.

It is common to live with the notification of “the internal storage space is running low” but it is not easy. This reminds us at all times that we should do a deep cleaning of files like Marie Kondo, go to the gallery and choose which photos we keep and which ones we leave from our terminals.

To open this little black box of our interactions is to go through a virtual museum of comedy, the gifs of Tweety or flowers that say good morning to us and the photos of family members posing with a lunch box full of French toast.

Saturating the memory of the phone a month after the purchase is common if you have activated the automatic download of the files but do not worry, below we explain how to avoid filling the memory of your mobile so you do not have to choose between Just Eat or Tinder (between eat and … eat) to free up memory.

Yes, not even those with 128 Gb of storage get rid of this problem. And it is that WhatsApp brings activated by default the automatic download of everything that reaches the chats.

If you have an Android phone, what you have to do to modify this configuration is open WhatsApp, press the three dots located in the upper right area, click on Settings and then enter Data and storage. From this menu, press Download with mobile data and uncheck all the options before clicking Ok.

Repeat this same process in the option to Download with Wi-Fi if you do not want the messaging application to download all the files when you get home and fill the memory of the terminal as well.

To check if you have carried out all the steps correctly, when a file is sent to you, access the chat and see if the file appears as a thumbnail view or, on the contrary, the image is blurred with an arrow in the center.

The version of WhatsApp for iOS also brings the option activated by default, so iPhone users also coexist with this problem. In the case of these terminals, the steps to follow are similar.

From WhatsApp, access Settings, which in this case appears in the lower right area. From this menu, go to Data & Storage and find Automatic File Download. Select Photos and Videos and press the option Never.

As in Android phones, if you follow all the steps correctly, to download a file you will have to do it manually by pressing on it.

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