This ‘made in Spain’ cabin is capable of detecting possible melanomas thanks to AI

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The Catalan startup Dermavision Solutions has created a booth that, thanks to artificial intelligence, is capable of detecting skin lesions suspected of being melanoma in five minutes .

This company has designed a cabin tailored to a person that photographs the entire body of the patient and identifies the lesions that may be carcinogenic using artificial intelligence algorithms , and then sends a report with the data collected to the dermatologist so that he can make a diagnosis. .

Dermavision, which has a functional prototype, has received aid of 75,000 euros from Acció, the agency for the competitiveness of Catalan companies, the Company department reported in a statement.

According to the Generalitat, the company, based in Roses (Girona), plans to start the validation phase of its prototype in a hospital soon .

The emerging company will allocate the 75,000 euros it has received from public aid to finance its business plan, cover staff costs, contract services to third parties, invest in material and equipment, rent spaces or develop marketing strategies, he adds.

The CEO of Dermavision, Narcís Ricart, ensures that the device is not intended to replace the dermatologist , but to put artificial intelligence at your fingertips to help you make a diagnosis without having to collect data manually.


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