This is what you need for a perfect picnic, lunch included

This is what you need for a perfect picnic, lunch included

On June 18, the International Picnic Day is celebrated every year, but we believe that it should be celebrated every week, because there are few more pleasant outdoor activities, especially when there is no beach, than spreading a tablecloth on the lawn at the In the shade of a tree, take the food from the wicker basket, the glasses and the bottle of wine or the beers from the fridge, and simply enjoy the dolce far niente and the conversation.
But for the excursion to go round, we have to prevent all those details that we usually forget because they are at home but, once in the field, we will miss it when we find ourselves in situations such as not being able to uncork the wine or light the barbecue. So let’s make a list with all the basics with some proposals and their approximate prices to give you an idea.


A trolley : instead of opening the trunk and taking everything loose, since we do not have enough arms, it is best to put everything in a transportable with wheels. But wait, we’ve found a true 3×1 gem: a thermo cooler on wheels that can be converted into a folding picnic table and chairs , it couldn’t be more comfortable.

The wicker basket : this article has evolved greatly to the point that some already come with the cutlery, plates, glasses, napkins or even the cover to isolate the wine. For the less sophisticated, it is enough to put everything in a simple basket or a backpack-fridge.

A Swiss army knife : one of those multipurpose with a knife, corkscrew, can opener and up to thirteen other tools always comes bareback on any self-respecting nature outing.

Garbage bags : you have to take garbage bags to collect everything at the end, leave the area clean and throw everything into the appropriate containers.

Tablecloth : typical for picnic, there are them as professional as this rolled up and waterproof , which can be washed with a cloth without having to go through the washing machine.

For drinks, refrigeration

The range of drinks for a picnic opens from the homemade lemonades, for example, squeezed lemon with ginger and mint; passing through the sangria, the beers with or without alcohol and the white, rosé or sparkling wine and, ending, especially, by the water, lest there is no drinkable at hand.

To keep them cold, you will need a folding cooler and better if you carry a cooler or thermal cover like this neoprene with handles and washable for wine, beer or cava . Don’t forget the corkscrew, you don’t want to open the bottle with a knife.

And by the way, by going to the field we don’t have to give up the pleasure of drinking in tall glasses, there are very authentic ones in unbreakable materials such as polycarbonate plastic, so as not to leave crystals on the lawn. Of course they are reusable.

What food to bring?

For this casual meal, we bet on a txacoli vermouth (which does exist), white or red, to choose from for 9 euros, from the Talai Berri winery. 15% Vol that we will reduce with some ice and a lemon wedge.

To go snacking during the aperitif, there are some tubes of Villada blood sausage pasta (2.50 euros), which you will pour in a churrito on some crunchy individual artisan reprimands from Obando (the box of 40 units is worth 25 euros and they will serve you for the rest of the food). With a little bit of quince on top, we will have all the balanced textures and flavors.

A generous batch of cheeses such as Caja Serrana from the Elvira García cheese factory is a safe bet. For 36 euros, it includes five portions of Mini New Moon, Red or Black Moon, Capra Moss or Washed Moss, Canto de Gredos wedge, Iruelas in Oil, Old Cheese Cream and a Square Root Craft beer.

But if there is something delicatessen and easy to eat, it is canned duck. And we chose those from Selectos de Castilla because it is a Palencia brand of duck derivatives that were served at the Nobel Prize gala dinner. From the exquisite foie gras, through the sweetbreads or the chutneys and geleés to combine with the pie of six cans of duck mousses of different flavors and churro lamb, suckling pig or ostrich patés (21.70 euros).

For dessert, we suggest a few ounces of a good 70% cocoa dark chocolate drizzled with olive oil and salt flakes. And we pair them during the after-dinner with the Valverán 20 Manzanas 2017 ice cider , which will make you fall in love with its intensity and sweet taste as well as acidillo. 10% vol and 13.65 euros.

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