This is what the microchip Musk wants to implant in your brain does

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At least a year has passed since we started talking about Neuralink , the device designed by Elon Musk that seeks to read our minds and become an intermediary for us to communicate directly with machines, be they robots, computers, mobiles …

It is expected that the Neuralink can read in real time what happens in our brain

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But this week there have been some changes. On the Neuralink website it has been published a video in which a pig, named Gertrude, is seen eating from a person’s hand, while a series of blue lines are seen on a computer screen showing Gertrude’s brain activity. The interesting thing is not that data is obtained thanks to the implanted device, this had already been achieved.

What really matters in this advance is that the information passed by the microchip does not require cables, just a wireless connection . And the data arrives in real time.

The microchip, named Link V0.9, is a device about eight millimeters in diameter (less than a grain of rice), with thousands of electrodes thinner than a human hair. These are responsible for measuring the activity of neurons.

That’s a big step forward, and it’s definitely an element that has been missing from brain-computer interface research to date. While there are other wireless brain implants, these require surgery to implant and are typically bulky or limited in where they can be placed in the brain. Neuralink, on the other hand, is small, does not require surgery and there are no conditions of place where it can be implanted.

Read our brain in real time
The downside is that they are not able to analyze a large area of ​​the brain. And as long as this does not happen, the information we obtain will be very limited. The good news is that the number of electrodes will increase exponentially in the next few years if it follows the same curve as transistors in microchips, which almost double in less than two years.

What does this all mean? In chronological order, it is expected that the Neuralink can read in real time what happens in our brain , which allows us to anticipate any problem (from epileptic seizures to Alzheimer’s), later the objective is to establish a direct connection between the brain and machines and, in the future, download a digital copy of the brain. Musk’s real goal.

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