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WhatsApp is working on changes to its interface so that users can have better control of internal storage
For those who have phones with little internal memory, WhatsApp is a real black hole that eats up the gigs of storage space you have available. The hundreds of videos, photos, memes and audios that you send and forward end up taking a toll on your phone’s internal memory.

For this reason, WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application in Spain, is working on new ways to manage internal storage .

These will consist of a series of tools that will allow us to manage memory and help us to free up the application to have more space available.

According to the specialized portal, WABetaInfo , WhatsApp will launch a new user interface in the storage section that will allow us to know how much memory we are using and an option to easily delete the files.

According to the aforementioned portal, it is a function that is currently under development . Its release date is not yet known, although tests are already underway.

One of the indicators of the state of our storage will be a color bar that will indicate how much the things that we have sent and received in this application occupy.
Likewise, the application will also allow us to know all the messages that have been forwarded from our phone and will offer us the option of eliminating those that are no longer necessary at that time.

Similarly, as can be seen in the image above. It will provide information on the files that are taking up the most space and on the chats with which we have exchanged the most gigs of data. In this way, we can know where to start cleaning.

Finally, as we already have , they are working in parallel on an option that allows specific searches for conversations.

WhatsApp has become an essential application . However, it also has a lot of trash. Therefore, while this update arrives, let’s take a look at how much storage this application is consuming us.

To do this, we must go to our application menu , make a long press on the icon and select the “application information” option.

Once inside, we will find a section called “storage”. By entering this section we can see the total and how much of that storage corresponds to the application itself, the data and its cache memory.

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