This is how Radar Covid works, the tracking application against the coronavirus

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Radar COVID , the application designed and directed by the Government’s Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, is already active in 10 communities. From this Wednesday, Madrid and Navarra join Andalusia , Cantabria , Aragon , the Canary Islands , Castilla y León , the Balearic Islands and Murcia , which have had this service since the end of August.

Available for download in the Google and Apple stores , it is a free and anonymous app . The program is simple in functionalities and design (uses free license images from freepik ). It does not require any type of registration or verify by location where the user is.

When opening Radar COVID , certain information is given about the operation of the app , its anonymity is remembered (if an alert arrived, it would not say when and where the contact occurred; only that it took place) and a privacy policy is presented and conditions of use that must be accepted to continue.

For Covid Radar to work, the phone must have Bluetooth activated , since it is the method that it will use to communicate with other mobiles and know which people have been in contact. You can disable Bluetooth at any time to pause voluntary tracking. The application assigns each phone a random number to be able to notify in case of contact.

The only option besides turning the radar on or off is to report a positive for Covid-19 . However, it is not possible to do it without a diagnostic code, a measure that prevents false positives and saturation of the app by curious or joking people.

The application uses the terminal’s Bluetooth connection, through which mobile phones emit and observe anonymous identifiers of other phones that change periodically. When two terminals have been close for 15 minutes or more, two meters or less apart, both keep the anonymous identifier issued by the other.

If an alert were received, we would only be told that we have been in contact with a person who has tested positive, but it will never be identified nor will the place or time we were near this person be known to maintain privacy at all times. .

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