This is how a virtual reality artist has created a time machine with which to relive a year of his life

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During 2019, Lucas Rizzotto recorded almost his entire life. Now you have created a control panel –imitation of the DeLorean– in which you mark the date you want to revisit and, with a spectacular staging, see what you did that day
They create a mathematical formula to travel through time.
Virtual reality + many hours of video: a cheating time machine
Explained as we have done in the previous section, let’s say that we all travel in time, since there are always videos and photos of moments in our lives . But to give his time machine a bit of substance, Lucas Rizzotto has thrown virtual reality. He has decked out and dressed the act of watching a video of himself.

With his virtual reality glasses he recreates a control panel – very reminiscent of the legendary DeLorean made famous by Doc and Marty Mcfly -, set the date he wants to travel to and see exactly what he did that day. It doesn’t interact, obviously, but the staging is absolutely futuristic; that cannot be doubted.

The video, entitled ‘I Built a REAL-LIFE Time Machine!’, Has now reached 167,500 views and subscribers to his channel, ‘Lucas Builds The Future’, total 11,800. In the absence of real time machines, a little imagination and virtual reality can give us a good time .

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