The US tightens its restrictions on Huawei and further limits its access to microprocessors

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The United States continues to intensify pressure on Huawei , one of the Chinese technology companies with the most international projection and considered by Washington an arm of the army and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), by imposing new restrictions that hinder the company’s ability to obtain microprocessors .

The measures adopted this Monday prevent microprocessors or other components produced by other companies but made in part or totally with US software or hardware from being acquired by Huawei.

In practice, this means that the main chip producers in Europe and Asia, such as the Dutch NXP Semiconductors, the Taiwanese MediaTek or the Korean Samsung Electronics , can only sell their products to Huawei if the United States authorizes it.

In addition, it has added 38 other Huawei subsidiaries in 21 countries around the world to the ‘black list’ of entities that may pose a threat to the national security of the North American power and which are required to have a license for all items subject to export regulation.

US considers Huawei “an arm” of the PCC
“The Trump Administration considers Huawei to be an arm of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) surveillance state and we have taken action accordingly,” US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said in a statement. that the decisions taken regarding the Chinese company seek to ” protect the national security of the United States, the privacy of citizens and the integrity of the 5G infrastructure from the malicious influence of Beijing.”

In this way, the State Department has expressed its strong support for the extension of the restrictions applied to Huawei by the Department of Commerce, which will prevent Huawei from circumventing US laws through the production and supply of chips produced with tools acquired from the US, after the Chinese company has tried to “continuously evade” the more limited veto implemented since last May.

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