The US justice refuses to force Apple to readmit Fortnite to its app store

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The judge of the United States district court, Yvonne González Rogers, has issued a ruling preventing the blocking of the video game developer Epic Games by Apple, although she has rejected that the multiplayer video game Fortnite returns to the App Store , the official software platform for Apple devices. “Epic Games and Apple have the freedom to litigate against each other, but their dispute should not create problems for third parties,” the magistrate has ruled.

The legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple Computers began when the developer decided to implement its own direct payment system, external to Apple’s, which collects a 30% commission. This system, maintains the technology company, violates the rules of the App Store and led to the withdrawal of Fortnite from the platform. The technology company also announced that it would “terminate all developer accounts” of Epic if it did not remove that paywall and restrict the use of “all development tools for iOS and Mac” as of August 28. The video game company proceeded that same day to denounce Apple, a lawsuit that was accompanied bylaunch by Epic Games of its payment platform within the game, and for which it charges 12% to third parties.

“Apple and all persons active in or involved with Apple are temporarily restricted from taking adverse action against Epic Games with respect to restricting, suspending or terminating any Epic Games affiliate (…) from the Apple Developer Program, including Unreal Engine ”, Says the judge in the document.

However, the judge has ruled against Epic Games’ attempt to restore Fortnite on the App Store with its own direct payment system. In this sense, González Rogers has affirmed that the company “has not demonstrated irreparable damage” and that “the current situation” with Fortnite “seems of its own creation”.

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