The tennis world supports the harsh punishment of the US Open to Djokovic The rule is like this

The tennis world supports the harsh punishment of the US Open to Djokovic: “The rule is like this”

Novak Djokovic’s disqualification from the US Open for hitting a linesman continues to be talked about. From the organization of the North American Grand Slam a harsh statement was issued to explain the decision and, in addition, several tennis players did not hesitate to refer to the historic elimination of the world number 1.

The US Open brief clarifies that “in accordance with the Grand Slam regulations, following his action of intentionally hitting a ball in a dangerous or reckless manner on the court or hitting a ball regardless of the consequences, the referee disqualified Djokovic of the US Open “.

That is why ‘Nole’ will not collect the money from the four rounds he has played at Flushing Meadows and will have to pay a penalty equal to the winnings he had accumulated. In addition, he will not add the 180 points corresponding to his victories “because the regulation was breached.”

The measure of the tournament provoked numerous reactions, among which those of the Balkan’s own companions stand out , who agree with the punishment imposed because, in their opinion, the rule leaves no doubt: “The players will not physically abuse in no time of any official, opponent, spectator or other person within the venue of the tournament site “, so” the referee, in consultation with the Grand Slam chief supervisors, may declare a breach for a single violation of this code “.

German Alexander Zverev was one of the first players to speak about Djokovic’s historic disqualification, after his victory over Alejandro Davidovich , as he recognized that “there is a rule for it.” In addition, he pointed out that “the supervisors and everyone are doing their job . But yes, it’s bad luck for Novak,” he explained while stressing that if the ball had hit anywhere else “a few inches further, it would have been fine.”

In the same sense, the Spanish Pablo Carreño, Djokovic’s rival in the match, expressed himself , who wanted to make it clear that “I don’t think anyone, none of us, does it intentionally . It’s time, I broke his serve and he threw the ball. I think it was bad luck. ”

Former English tennis player Tim Henman , who was disqualified in 1995 for the same reason for an incident with a ball boy, was another of those who applauded the US Open measure, stating that “there is no other way out than disqualification.” This was joined by other authorized voices such as those of the legends Billy Jean King and Martina Navratilova , who described the incident as a “stupid” situation, but in which there was no other scenario than the disqualification of Djokovic.

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