The simple trick to know if someone is scrounging your Netflix account

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There are two ways to use Netflix. On the one hand, there are the people who personally pay one of the rates, be it the cheapest, the one that allows you to see things in HD or the one that already allows you to see everything in 4K in all its glory.

On the other hand, there are those who do or do pay this last rate, the most expensive, those of 16 euros per month and the one that allows, yes, to see Netflix content up to 4K and with HDR on up to four different devices a the time. Here’s the trick: younger people, and also the not so young, share an account to spread the monthly fee between four and pay less. And it turns out that sharing a Netflix account carries certain dangers .

Although this makes a dent in the Netflix business and we would not be surprised if one day they put doors to the field, for now it is still totally legal and legitimate to share the Netflix account with friends and acquaintances. The problem with this, however, you can imagine: what if someone stops paying? What if they lend the password to someone else? What if they just fraudulently access the data and use it?

This is where we wanted to go: there is a very simple way to know if someone is using your Netflix account without your permission. You will have to go to the Netflix website from a computer, access with your username and password and, once inside, go to the upper right corner, hover over the photo of your user and, when the menu is displayed, click on ‘Account’.

Once the browser takes you to your account settings, in the ‘Settings’ section, you will see a subsection called “Recent device streaming activity”. If you click there, you will see a list of all the devices, identified by name and by IP, that have used your Netflix account. Do you see something that does not ring a bell?

If you want to kick an unwanted person from your account, there is a slight problem: you can’t just kick a device connected to your Netflix user. You are going to have to throw them all from the option ‘Sign out of all devices’, which will mean that, the next time someone wants to watch Netflix using your data, they will have to re-enter them.

Here comes the second part of the ‘undocking’ of your account: you will have to change the password to access your user. This is simple: in the menu from where you have been checking everything we told you above, there is an option called ‘Change password’ with which you can put a new password after verifying that you know the previous password. We suggest you use a safe one that you can easily remember .

Finally, to avoid future upsets, you may want to activate a new security measure so that no god sneaks into your Netflix account. The easiest thing is that you put a very secure password and that only you know and that you activate the verification in two steps. Here’s how you can turn on 2-Step Verification on Netflix and other important services .

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