The seven lives of BlackBerry: the brand will return in 2021 with a smartphone with its iconic physical keyboard, Android and 5G

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The relaunch will come from the hand of the American OnwardMobility and the Chinese FIH Mobile after finalizing the agreement with TCL, which since 2016 developed the once popular devices, already with Android operating system

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Thinking about mobiles with a physical keyboard refers first of all to the mythical BlackBerry , a concept that in the current situation is quite shocking due to the prominence given to touch screens. The brand, out of focus for a long time by not adapting to the reality that Android and the iPhone marked , has surprised by announcing a new stage that will lead to the launch from 2021 of new models with Android system, 5G support and, of course , the QWERTY keyboard as a distinctive feature.

BlackBerry was very popular, especially in the business and productivity arena . Its commitment to connectivity and e-mail was favored by the aforementioned QWERTY. In contrast, when the market went another line, it experienced a sharp decline that in 2016 led to the painful and significant decision to abandon the development of own phones

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