The Secret Story About How Bill Gates Got Rich

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At age 19, Bill Gates was an aimless kid who had dropped out of Harvard University and his job at a large Canadian hydroelectric company. He would spend the next few years immersed in a spiral of addiction to work, alcohol and joints, a situation with poor prospects if it were not because, at the same time, he would found one of the most important technology companies in history and would make it possible for you to read about this on your computer.

An ordinary ‘nini’ does not end up changing the course of history. Gates had a privileged bogeyman, a great friend and mathematician by his side, and a tremendous facility for imposing hellish days on his employees.

Ironically, his biggest obsession in Microsoft’s early years was having enough millions in the bank not to found an aerospace company or to indulge themselves, as the new leaders of tech giants like Amazon or Tesla might do.

No, Gates did it out of fear of not being able to pay payroll if they ran out of a major contract. “I wanted to have enough money in the bank so that if nobody paid us in a year, I could take over the salaries.” This was the case in the eighties, before the best years of Microsoft arrived and their company surpassed and left goliats like IBM or Apple far behind with their operating system, Windows. ”

Netflix released last Friday a documentary focused on the father of Windows and Microsoft , delving into many current and past aspects of Bill Gates, from his relationship with his mother, his obsession with work, his way of thinking and, above all, what that you have been doing for the past few years.

Bill and Melinda Gates co-direct the foundation that bears their names and whose objective, like each of the three chapters that make up the documentary, is to help in different humanitarian crises that are difficult to solve , from bringing clean water to curing polio, also passing through

The goals that the philanthropic marriage set for their founding are very intelligently related to the birth of Microsoft, and beyond publicizing the works that Bill Gates has carried out in the last years of his life, it also offers a perspective interesting about this man, his way of working and the company he founded .

This is how for example we discovered that Gates, as brilliant as he was individually, is a calculating and cold man who works best on his own , although he needs key allies to get ahead and has no problem in, after many years and having lost to Almost all of them recognize that this is so.

It is a portrait that distances him a bit from other well-known figures in the world of technology, such as the boy genius Mark Zuckerberg, founder and current CEO of Facebook; or the late Steve Jobs , a key figure in the history of Apple, Gates’s lifelong rival, with whom he reconciled and strengthened ties in his later years and who is totally absent and does not appear at any time in this documentary .

That does not mean that young Gates was a dictator at times and a tough boss . “If suddenly something was going to take another week to be finished, he would come in and say: ‘I can do it in one day, why don’t you work as much as I do?’

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