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The advantages of using smartphones in society are rarely discussed . In fact, many times we just look at their benefits without stopping to think that smartphones also have positive benefits that, on certain occasions, can save our lives . In this sense, “the high penetration of smartphones in societies such as Spain, allows smartphones to be the easiest and fastest tool for making emergency warnings when we are in dangerous situations,” they point out from Librephoní , company specialized in the sale of reconditioned mobile terminals.

These notices are not configured the same on all smartphones

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Thus, if we are faced with risky situations such as a fire , a flood , an accident in the car or we believe that our life or that of others is in danger, we can use our telephones to quickly contact the emergency teams. However, these notices are not configured the same on all smartphones and, therefore, the company has collected how we can do it on different terminals.

Samsung. To access this configuration in a terminal of the South Korean company, we must open the Settings panel . Once inside, we select Advanced options and click on Send SOS messages to activate it. Next we must add a trusted recipient. How to activate the SOS message: pressing the power button three times.
Xiaomi (as of MIUI 10). If our phone is from the Chinese giant Xiaomi, we must enter Settings and, there, select emergency SOS to activate it. Xiaomi devices allow you to add up to three emergency contacts. How to activate the SOS message: by pressing the power button five times.
Huawei (as of EMUI 9.0). To configure emergency notifications in Huawei terminals we have to enter Settings . Once inside, we have to access the Security and privacy section , where we will select SOS Emergency . There, we will choose the emergency contacts, checking the box Also send SOS messages . How to activate: pressing the power button five times.
iPhone. As is normally the case with apple devices, the configuration of the SOS alerts is different. Thus, to configure the emergency contacts we will have to enter its Health app . Once inside, we select Medical data and click on Edit to access Emergency Contacts . There, we will press + to select the contacts to whom we want to send these notices. Finally, we will have to press OK to save the changes.
iPhone works differently than Android mobiles . That is, Apple smartphones first call the local emergency number and, when the call ends, send the message to the contacts we have previously configured. These messages include your current location, and if you move, an update of your geographic location will be sent. To activate it on an iPhone 8 or higher we have to press and hold the power button and one of the volume buttons until SOS Emergency appears and, when it appears, we have to drag it to the right.
In the iPhone 7 or earlier terminals we have to quickly press the side button or the volume up button five times. SOS Emergency will appear and you will have to drag to the right.

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