The secret code that opens hotel safes

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There is no hotel without a minibar. That’s clear. But neither is there without a safe . Although, beware, although the first fulfills a very clear function, the second has little by little losing our confidence. I mean, what if already putting your most valuable things in these hulks was of no use? The question is not trivial, considering thatthere is a secret code with which you can open them without having to force them. The problem is that more and more thieves know it.

Before leaving anything inside, check that this universal trick is not working properly

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Therefore, before leaving anything inside, check that this universal trick does not work correctly. Otherwise, your money, your passport, your jewelry, your computer or your documents could be in danger. And no, it is not something typical of hackers or cybercriminals, it is something much simpler than you can imagine. This is a simple error that locks the armored box and then proceeds to open it.

Let’s do the test : if you are staying in a hotel, go to the device in question. Deposit anything, or nothing, whatever you want. Close it with a combination, and then try to open it with a random number. The most normal thing, unless you are an establishment of doubtful quality, is that the door does not open. Well, now try 999999. Now there are two options: it won’t open, so the box is good; or it opens, but how is it possible if they were not the chosen numbers?

There is an explanation: 999999 is the code of the general administrator, who is able to open the device at all times. Does that mean it will work in all cases? No. When a hotel buys a safe, this is the combination that comes standard. The most normal thing is that, after installing it, it is changed for another, but many establishments do not do it and leave it.

This has been revealed by the YouTube channel LockPickingLawyer, which also encourages us to try this trick before leaving anything inside, because if it works we would be opening its doors (and, therefore, our belongings) to anyone.

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