The Radar Covid app works from this Thursday in the first four communities

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Andalusia, Cantabria, Aragón and Extremadura are the first four communities that since this Thursday have launched in the testing phase the mobile application for alerting coronavirus infections , the so-called RadarCOVID, whose pilot program concluded a few weeks ago on the Canary Island of La Gomera.As reported by the Ministry of Health in a statement this Thursday, the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System agreed this Wednesday that the communities that complete the necessary adaptation process can begin to operate in tests with this application.

It is a temporary agreement , “which enables the implementation of development to be accelerated” and which must be ratified through bilateral agreements between the health councils of each community and the department headed by Salvador Illa.Two million downloads
It is a first step, explains the Ministry, in the national implementation plan of the application, which to date already has about two million downloads in its versions for Android and iOS operating systems.

The rest of the communities have also expressed their interest in launching this tool and therefore are working to integrate it into their health systems with a view to launching it in the coming weeks.

The RadarCOVID uses the bluetooth of the mobiles to notify its users if they have been close for fifteen minutes or more at two meters or less away from an infected person.

It does not use geolocation or collect any data from users , but instead assigns random numbers to citizens’ mobile phones, who voluntarily install it to notify them that they have to contact the health authorities for having recently been close to someone infected, at that is never identified.

They are precisely the autonomous communities on which the application implementation process depends, which requires development, and each of them has to define its internal operating circuit.

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Pilot program in La Gomera

And it is that each community, as has been done in La Gomera , where the pilot program of the application has been developed, will have to provide a code to the participants, which, when entered on their mobile, allows to notify close contacts with the that has acted in recent days so that they in turn contact the corresponding health authority.

The Executive’s estimate is that it will be available at the national level as of September 15, according to the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, Carme Artigas, in the presentation of the results of the pilot program on August 3.

Health also reports that the European Commission is developing the legal and technical framework that enables interoperability between applications based on the decentralized model, such as RadarCOVID, so that they can continue to operate beyond the borders of each state.

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