The most anticipated Twitter change of the year is now available

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Although it has taken longer than expected, it is already official: the new Twitter change demanded by a large part of its users is now enabled. What is it about?

The change of Twitter that seeks to improve communication
Conversations, conversations and conversations. Millions of conversations appear every day on Twitter , tweets that link responses and all kinds of reactions.

Undoubtedly, one of the focuses of the microblogging network has always been interaction, which is why it has introduced a novelty to improve it.

And, as has been officially announced from the platform, Twitter already allows its users to choose who can respond to their tweets . This is news that the company announced in January and that a few days ago was leaked by mistake, to finally be confirmed.

How does it work?
First of all, it is important to understand this new functionality. While until now anyone could reply to our tweets, now users have the power to decide on the responses we receive. We can choose between:

Everyone (is the default option)
People you follow
Only the people you mention
However, although there are tweets that cannot be answered by everyone, what can be retweeted and quoted with comments.

The tests that the company carried out in May seem to indicate that this functionality could improve communication between users and avoid disputes and hate speech, although we will have to wait to see the reception now that it is already active.

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