The most anticipated function of WhatsApp: use the same number on several mobiles or tablets

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It is an open secret and a historical demand of WhatsApp users : to be able to use their messaging service on more than one mobile phone at the same time or on a tablet and a mobile phone.

The rumors about this function have been happening for more than a year but now it is a reality .

The function of using WhatsApp simultaneously on two devices is now available. This is how we have been able to find out thanks to the WaBetaInfo portal .

This new WhatsApp feature is already in beta mode. This means that the developers have introduced this feature in a controlled group of users so that they can test it and discover bugs.

The lucky ones are a group of users with the Android operating system . Those with an iPhone or iPad (using the iOS operating system) will have to wait a little longer.

Specifically, this new feature that WhatsApp is testing would allow the function to be used simultaneously on up to four devices . This means that we can have WhatsApp open and at the same time on several mobiles or tablets.

To do this, in a similar way to what already happens with WhatsAppWeb windows, users will have an option to know which sessions they have open and on which devices, thus being able to revoke the permissions when they deem it appropriate.

One of the great challenges that WhatsApp faces in this regard is to frequently synchronize messages between all devices that have the same connection so that messages, photos or files that have been sent or received are not lost.

At the moment it is unknown with certainty when this functionality will be operational so that 100% of Android and iOS users can enjoy it.

However, according to what we have been able to learn from the leaks, the final functionality will first arrive on phones with Android operating system (from Google) and then on iOS (from Apple).

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