The iPhone runs out of xCloud: Apple and Microsoft do not agree

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Microsoft has everything ready so that as of September you can play Xbox games without the need for a next-generation console or PC. XCloud , a cloud service similar to Google’s Stadia or Nvidia GeForce Now , will allow you to play from various devices, including mobile phones or tablets … as long as they use Android as the operating system.

Although Microsoft has created versions of the necessary applications also for Apple devices, both companies have not reached an agreement on the distribution . The strict policies of the AppStore seem to be the problem and, within a month of launch, Microsoft has decided to stop development and focus on Android versions.

Users who were in the testing phase of the service in the 22 countries in which Microsoft plans to launch xCloud (including Spain) will therefore no longer be able to use the applications they had installed on their iPhone and iPads.

These beta applications already had serious limitations in iOS precisely due to the policy of the apple company. Players could only play a single game, Halo: The Master Chief Collection , while multiple titles could be downloaded on Android and other platforms.

The problem is not new. Google or Nvidia are facing similar problems with Stadia and GeForce Now, their cloud gaming services. Both have been available for a long time on many platforms but cannot be played on iOS.

Apple, in its AppStore rules, explicitly prohibits stores that offer third-party game subscription services. The companies that create the games themselves, their publishers or exclusive licensees, can, but not the services or stores that add them, such as Stadia, Steam, and others.

Apple has its own game subscription service, Apple Arcade , which it offers for 5 euros per month, but it complies with this standard because Apple has exclusive licenses or is directly the publisher of the games offered there. “Game services can be on the App Store as long as they follow the same set of rules applicable to all developers, including submitting games individually for review and appearing in searches,” an Apple spokesperson explained to the Business publication. Insider .

Although the standard is known (and highly controversial, especially now that Apple faces increased scrutiny in Europe and the US for its practices in the AppStore) Microsoft’s decision to open the trial phase to devices iOS had managed to generate some hope among the gaming community.

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