The head of Roskomnadzor is sure that the authors of Pokemon Go are not engaged in espionage

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The goal of creating a super popular game is to make a profit, and not to collect information about databases or maps of the area, Alexander Zharov is sure.

MOSCOW, July 29 – RIA Novosti. The developers of Pokemon Go do not pursue “any spy goals” about updating terrain maps and collecting databases; the authors of the popular game make money, said the head of Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper .

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Catch Me If You Can: How Pokemon Catchers Make Money
Shops launched a real hunt for Pokemon catchers. Let’s see how retail outlets are enriched by fans of the mobile game Pokemon Go, and why “pocket monsters” are lured by museums and airports.
“If we talk about Pokemon Go, then this is not the only game that uses geo-positioning, connects to a smartphone camera and creates an augmented reality effect. There are hundreds of such games, but Pokemon Go, as they say, shot. I don’t think the developers of this game pursued any -that espionage goals about updating maps of the area, collecting databases, etc. I think their main task is to make money. And as open information shows, they earn money, and a lot, “the newspaper quotes Zharova as saying.

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The head of Roskomnadzor noted that the department will analyze the user agreement for Russians when the game officially opens for the country, and will check whether personal data is processed and to what extent.

“If they are processed, then we will contact the company that owns the game and enter into a dialogue with it regarding the implementation of Russian legislation,” Zharov stressed.

Passers-by next to a giant pokeball from the Pokemon Go computer game from Nintendo on the embankment of a city pond in Yekaterinburg. Archive photo
Ministry of Emergency Situations has developed recommendations on how to safely catch Pokemon
Pokemon GO is a free application based on “augmented reality” technology.

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Pokemon Go is a free application based on “augmented reality” technology: digital and real worlds are connected, as the picture displayed on the smartphone screen is projected onto the location of the real world. One of the main goals of the game – to catch a Pokemon (Pocket Monster – “pocket monster”) – forced many people to take to the streets, completely absorbed in this process.
A number of experts believe that the game can lead to injuries in the real world. Russian banks even offered Pokemon Go fans to take injury insurance.

One of the veterans of the Russian special services did not rule out that the application could be used for espionage. Assistant to the Russian Prime Minister Gennady Onishchenko, in turn, expressed concern that the game could seriously affect the psyche.

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