The digitization of the company and climate change, debated in INNOVADORES

The digitization of the company and climate change, debated in INNOVADORES

The new installment of the cycle of Innovative Forums in the Third Digital Revolution (TRD) , organized by INNOVADORES and the Pons Foundation , and which aim to put representatives of science and business in dialogue , will address the contribution of technology to the necessary adaptation of companies to the battle against global warming. The forum can be followed live on September 21 from 10 am by registration , as well as on the Innovators channel on YouTube.

Under the title “Smart Company and Climate Change” , the forum will have the vision of four exceptional speakers who will share space at the headquarters of the Pons Foundation, although without a public presence: Marc Nolla , head of the South EMEA Digital Transformation Office from SAP; Mercedes Pardo , professor and principal investigator of the Sociology of Climate Change and Sustainable Development Research Group of the Carlos III University; Joaquín Hortal , senior scientist at the CSIC and member of the Department of Biogeography and Global Change of the National Museum of Sciences; Mercedes Iborra , co-founder of the startup VisualNAcert; Emilio Tejedor, Head of the Environment at Iberdrola’s Innovation, Sustainability and Quality Department. The moderation will be carried out by Eugenio Mallol , director of INNOVADORES.

The fight against climate change is moving rapidly up the corporate agenda, for reasons that go beyond the sincere desire of managers to leave one more habitable planet for their children and grandchildren. Along with this, they must comply with the regulations and regulatory changes planned to meet the environmental challenge, ensuring profitability and their position as a viable investment in the capital markets. Technology should help, in this sense, to make its business model, product portfolio, operations and supply chains compatible with the new ‘green’ demands.

The fight against global warming compatible with business activity thus becomes a source of innovation in multiple directions, guaranteeing truly sustainable development. The TRD Forum will address the challenges in regulatory matters, the opportunities that open up in an open market to be renewed with new services and products that help protect the planet and the technological tools that will help smart companies to emerge stronger throughout the process, improving its management and its strategy in innovation and R&D.

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