The Corsair One A100 is one of the most impressive computers of the moment

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The Mac Pro is an amazing product, the fruit of Apple’s best engineering and full of precise details to make handling more comfortable, if necessary. In the world of the PC, of ​​Windows, none of this is especially new because towers are our daily bread. But when a company launches something different, it stands out just the same.

That’s where the Corsair One A100 comes in, a compact and powerful Corsair computer that looks like a trash can, yes, but inside it has very powerful parts, the best you can ask for from a conventional computer. And it is not bigger than a trash can, I insist, which has made me look with a little contempt at my computer three times larger and less powerful.

Inside it carries an AMD Ryzen 3000 series processor. It is not Intel, which until recently was synonymous with quality and what any decent computer should carry, but AMD has made a great effort and is again very strong, surpassing Intel in quality / price, if not also in power. The Corsair One is launched with a Ryzen 3950X, the most powerful in the range.

Add to this powerful CPU with high-speed and high-capacity M.2 NVMe hard drives, 32GB of DDR4 RAM and, most importantly, an Nvidia RTX 2080Ti graphics card, the most powerful for gamers until Nvidia reveals new ones this year. Models.

In short, it is a beast to play, for video processor, to make 3D modeling of buildings … And it is also full of quality details. My favorite: an HDMI port on the front of the computer for virtual reality headsets or to easily connect this equipment to a television.

I also loved the vertical lighting system on its front panel, which is subtle yet highly customizable. You have to use Corsair’s proprietary software to modify it, the so-called iCUE Software, but it is easy to use and does not consume much resources or is annoying.

But the best thing about the Corsair One is the size. It is an advantage that I have never stopped to think about before, but now I appreciate it a little more seeing that not only can the components of the equipment be changed despite the size (not all, but most) but that it does not entail so many problems of cooling as I thought it would.

The equipment has a huge fan on the top that dissipates heat very well even when there is a high volume of use, and at no time does the noise become annoying noise because everything works by liquid cooling, a field in which Corsair is a world leader. Even its very powerful graphics card is cooled in the same system as the processor, with the great space savings that this implies. It is clear, yes, that it is better to put it on the desk table than under it, as this will dissipate the heat better.

This does not mean that if the high load is maintained on the computer it does not decide to reduce its performance slightly to better cope with the heat, which is certainly a major drawback. But server, playing games in 1440p at 144hz has not encountered this circumstance in any case. Corsair has studied this well and, unless you are processing 4K videos for hours, the so-called ‘thermal throttling’ that most compact equipment still suffers today, that is, laptops, should not come into play.

Obviously, the size puts an expiration date on this equipment, because sooner or later the motherboard will be outdated and this is something that cannot be changed, or at least not easily.

No component can be easily changed in fact, but I understand that the Corsair One is aimed at two types of user: the one who wants and can afford a high-performance equipment without worrying about anything until the day it expires (in about 6 years, if you ask me) and whoever wants and can afford a very special high-performance computer that he will take care of until it can no longer serve him for what he wants (in this case, it is easy for the computer to last up to 10 years).

For this reason, the Corsair One is a somewhat difficult computer to recommend because it has a very specific audience: with money to spare to spend extra on a computer with a unique design. With a price above 3,500 euros, it is something that is not available to any ‘PC Gamer’.

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