The correspondent of EL MUNDO in Brussels, Pablo Rodríguez Suanzes, winner of the Salvador de Madariaga Journalism Prize

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The journalist Pablo Rodríguez Suanzes, correspondent for EL MUNDO in Brussels, has won the Salvador de Madariaga European Prize in the category of written press, in its twenty-sixth edition.

The jury wanted to highlight their ability to address the reality of the affairs of the European Union from different genres such as street stories or analysis and opinion articles.

Rodríguez Suanzes has been awarded together with Íñigo Alfonso , director and presenter of Las Mañanas de RNE and Clara Rivero , journalist of TVE.

The award, endowed with 12,000 euros in each of the three modalities (radio, television and press), is organized by the Association of European Journalists, the Representation in Spain of the European Commission and the Madrid Office of the European Parliament.

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The jury, chaired by former curator Miguel Arias Cañete , included, among others, Rafa Latorre, columnist for EL MUNDO, Diego Carcedo, president of the Association of European Journalists and Vicente Vallés , director of the Antena 3 news program.

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