The Babbel language app begins offering podcasts

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The Babbel language learning application has announced the arrival of podcasts to its platform so that its users have a more complete experience through its app.

As Babbel explains in a press release, this new tool aims to strengthen users’ diction skills, that is, to facilitate fluency in conversations and, in addition, comfortable learning, through listening, in any time and place.

Podcasts have been created by the language experts at Babbel and follow a proven method that guarantees their effectiveness. They have been awarded at the IELA-Awards 2020 and already have more than 1 million downloads.

Currently, users have access to more than 50 hours and 70 episodes of podcast content in mono and bilingual formats for beginners to intermediate-advanced levels . When it comes to subject matter, podcasts cover everything from culture to country-specific narratives in ten different series in various formats, from talk shows to storytelling. In addition, it is also possible to enjoy Babbel podcasts through Spotify and in the Apple Podcasts application.

“By integrating podcasts into our app, we address two user needs: delivering real-life conversations while providing the flexibility to learn a new language on the go, thereby maximizing your downtime. Of course, we not only focus on the best possible linguistic content, but we create an entertaining environment to provide cultural information and anecdotes that provoke a deeper connection and give the student the confidence to speak and understand a new cultural environment, “says Geoff Stead, Product Manager at Babbel.

Advantages of podcasts for language learning
In the podcasts Babbel different methods combine to offer the best possible solution for learning languages:

In talk show formats , the focus is on the teaching aspects: here students can hear conversations between native teachers and students, the perfect learning method for beginners.
The stories and conversations are linked to a cultural context , so that listeners approach and understand more deeply the culture of the language.
Listening to anecdotes and narratives in the learning language makes students understand context and pronunciation more quickly.
Podcasts also focus on the learning environment led by expert language hosts, giving advice on language learning while adding context and explaining concepts.

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