The Apple-Google system to track contagions will be available on your mobile without the need to install any app

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A system that allows you to track contacts without the need for an app? This is what the most powerful anticovid technological alliance of the moment has just announced : that of Google and Apple .

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Both giants have developed a new system that will allow public health authorities to use smartphones to help in contact tracing without having to create an application , that is, your mobile phone , whether iOS or Android , will notify you if you have been exposed even if you don’t install any of the official apps .

In this way, if you authorize it, your iPhone or your Android phone will notify you if you have been in contact with an infected person during the last weeks. Likewise, you will also be able to notify if you are positive and allow your possible contacts to be notified – information is stored in the memory of the mobile phones and is not shared with anyone. The system is called Exposure Notifications Express .

The idea is to solve a basic problem: allow your tracking system to work independently of governments and its speed when developing an application in which to deploy.

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As Apple and Google are aware that it may happen that a country that wants to use their technology does not yet have an official tracking app running , now an update to the operating system will allow the mobile to use the system directly .

“It will allow the health authorities to send a small file to Apple and Google . The two technology companies will then use the file to set up systems that the owners of the phones can activate to determine if they have been around someone who has tested positive, “they say from Reuters .

In the case of the iPhone , a new version of the iOS operating system will alert users if an exposure notification system from local health authorities is available and allow them to configure it without downloading a new application .

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On Android devices , users will also receive a prompt from the phone’s operating system, but will have to download an app that will be generated automatically .

The first places the system will be used will be in Maryland, Nevada, Virginia and Washington in the United States.

This system works together with tools that both companies launched in May and that allow public health officials to create applications that allow the devices iPhone and Android signals using Bluetooth to detect the proximity of a person who has tested positive .

Six US states and about two dozen countries have launched exposure notification applications based on technology from Apple and Google, including Spain.

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