The advantages of having a ‘bluetooth’ speaker and how to get one with 15 hours of autonomy (and reduced!)

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Small in size, but high in power, this ‘gadget’ adapts to any activity inside and outside the home.
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The incorporation of bluetooth into our music devices has allowed us to enjoy them at any time and with all the comforts. While it is true that wireless headphones have become the undoubted favorites (being wearables has helped) , they are not the only ones that allow us to listen to our favorite artist with quality, away from home and in a group. In fact, if these are the characteristics we need, the speakers are the gadget that will offer us the best features and not necessarily at a very high price.
An example is this from Tronsmart that is, only today, among Amazon’s offers of the day. Reduced by 15% and now available for less than 50 euros , it offers the user not only a stable and powerful Bluetooth 5.0 connection , but also autonomy, waterproofing, resistance to dirt and sound quality. A set of features that, without a doubt, justify the price and, also, the more than 1,000 evaluations and almost five gold stars that have been awarded by users who have already tried it. Do you want to know everything they can offer you before deciding to buy it? Well, keep reading!The three benefits that will convince you
An excellent battery. Thanks to its 6600 mAh battery, those who enjoy this speaker will have at their fingertips up to 15 hours of autonomy on a single charge. In addition, thanks to its design, it can be easily transported outside the home, but also installed in any room as a decoration.
Waterproof and resistant to dirt. One of the reasons why most opt ​​for these ‘gadgets’ is because of the ease they present when transporting them, although not all models offer the security of this: it has the IPX7 certification of water resistance and, also, it is to dust.
High quality sound. With a 40W 28-core ‘dual-driver’, this portable speaker offers a full spectrum of bass that allows you to enjoy sound with clarity and at any volume. In addition, thanks to the three audio equalizers it includes, all genres find room and quality. It should be noted that the TWS function allows you to pair two Force speakers for stereo mode and thus enjoy 360 ° surround sound.
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