The 15 Best Smoker for Beginners in 2022


Are you looking for the best smokers for beginners? Do not settle with just any old grill. You need something that will allow your food to be cooked perfectly and taste delicious, all at once! Well, our team of experts has done extensive research into this topic so they could bring us their top recommendations on which smoker is worth investing.

Do you want to cook your favorite food in style? Is the grill not doing it for you anymore and would like something more, well we’ve got just what you need! We searched through all types of smokers out there on our list so that every type could find its perfect match.

It doesn’t matter if this will be a personal or commercial smoker because they are both included here with their pros cons given below each one individually. So go ahead- take some time deciding which one suits YOU best before making any final decisions about where these new friends may end up grilling up delicious meals at home come summertime !!!

If you’re a beginner, we have the perfect smoker for your needs. Keep scrolling below and learn all about how to choose from our top-rated products!

Our top picks for the best smokers for beginners




To save you the effort of having to research the perfect meat-smoking machine, we’ve compiled a list for you. This list will give you the best, safe choice of smokers. There will be two for each type so that no matter where you want to start, you can get to buying your first equipment.

Masterbuilt 40-Inch Electric Smoker

If you want to avoid the hassle of lighting a fire, this Masterbuilt electric smoker is an excellent choice. Electric smokers are easy for beginners because all they have to do is a plugin and follow your temperature settings! It also provides ample space with 12 whole chickens or 4 racks of ribs that will fit on its four chrome-coated cooking grids– enough food for most families’ weekend barbecues (or weeknight dinners)!

A huge benefit when compared against charcoal grills? The total cooking area: up to twelve chicken breasts at one time as well as 4 pork butt slabs putting out plenty of heat without being overcrowded like competitors models sometimes feel compelled

This Masterbuilt electric smoker is a great choice for those who want to get smoking without all of the hassles. The four chrome-coated racks can fit up to 12 whole chickens or 4 pork butts,

so you will never run out! This model also has an area just big enough that makes it possible with one person alone since there’s no need in having firewood around when using this device instead which means fewer potential hazards during the cooking time and greater safety measures taken against wildfire danger to thanks again technology coming our way here at home–giving us more opportunities than ever before!

  • “Set it and forget it” model that is extremely easy to use.
  • Only requires a relatively small amount of wood chips.
  • Window allows you to easily check on your food without disrupting the temperature.
  • Doesn’t create a ton of smoke flavor and can be difficult to get a nice smoke ring.
  • Built with electrical components that need to be replaced should they break.

Weber Smokey Mountain

The Weber Smokey Mountain Charcoal Smoker is a large black capsule on legs. It’s perfect for those who love smoking foods, and the coals that come with it are briquettes or wood chunks depending upon your preference! The coating of porcelain enamel over steel inside and out makes this smoker incredibly rust-resistant so you can enjoy year-round without worrying about corrosion ruining all those hard work in preparing dinner parties from now until eternity (or at least as long as there are no giant space aliens).

This smoker is perfect for those who like to cook and spend time together, taking turns smoking the meat. With two plated steel grates each providing 18.5″ cooking areas large enough to handle a turkey or pork shoulder at once this unit has everything you need in one convenient package!

Controlled airflow comes from an aluminum damper on both bottoms as well as vents located inside the lid which allow user precise temperature control when making candy or drinks while catering event goes smoothly without any hassle thanks also having removable side fuel door allowing easy access add more wood chips chunks lit coals if needed.

all very easily accessible with no mess made anywhere near your food either because I guarantee nobody would ever want anything close by after tasting what we.

Every smoker has a few things in common: an aluminum fuel door and bottom grate that can be detached for easy access to adding more wood chips, chunks, or charcoal. The 18-inch cooking area provides enough space to cook your turkey without any hassle while the airflow is controlled by two dampers on each side as well as one vent located at the top of this unit which allows you precise temperature control with ease!

  • Easily maintained temperature for 8-12 hours on one fill of fuel
  • One of the easiest charcoal smokers to use available
  • HUGE support network and community for help due it’s popularity.
  • Thermometer ports
  • Large cooking capacity
  • Pictogram assembly instructions
  • Long reach down into the pit to pull up the bottom rack means long oven mitts are a good idea.

What Are The Different Types Of Smokers For Beginners?

The type of smoker you choose to buy is a big decision, and it all depends on what fuel source will work best for your needs. There are gas grill smokers that convert food into smoke; there are also electric versions available as well! If an open flame isn’t something special enough in terms of heat output or if space is at a premium then look no further than this versatile little appliance.

they’re perfect because they can cook both wet & juicy foods without having any pesky flare-ups while still giving off rich flavors thanks to their ceramic coated grates which prevent sticking better than other metals do (so less cleaning needed).

1. Electric Smokers

Electric smokers are a great choice for beginners because they’re easy to use and provide tasty food. However, note that you can’t get the same smokey flavor of true BBQ created by the fire pit or burn barrel without adding some kindling on top as well- so what is your favorite way?

An electric smoker does an excellent job at maintaining temperature while also producing delicious barbecued flavors – but be aware there’s no standardization with just how much wood chips go into each dish!

Electric smokers are an excellent choice for beginners because they’re so easy to use and provide great value. With a typical model, you just plug it in, add some wood chips (or lit coals), set the temperature that works best with your food of preference – “set it and forget” typically comes into play here!

While these units will maintain heat well enough on their own without any help from you as long as there’s nothing too heavy like briskets or stuffed chicken breasts cooking away at low temps; however if those items happen to be near finished before time starts running out then.

2. Propane (Gas) Smokers

What are the best propane smokers? You’ll find that there is a wide variety in terms of features and quality among gas models. Some people love them for their ease of use, while others feel they lack enough customization options compared with traditional electric or charcoal-based smoker builds. For those who want an all-purpose unit without any fussing over temperature settings (or just need something compact), this type may be perfect!

If you’re looking at getting into smoking meat on your own then I’d recommend checking out some other types before settling onto one type exclusively; but if nothing else then as backup equipment due to its simplicity when things go wrong during cook times because everything happens fairly quickly so mistakes can happen.

Gas smokers are a cheap, easy way to get your smoker on. They typically look like electric smokers but use propane tanks instead of electricity and have dedicated areas for wood chips or chunks that burn easily with little maintenance needed because you don’t need precise temperature control.

just turn the dials up high enough so they’re burning well while leaving it at home if cooking food in advance (keeping an eye out!). Most models also come equipped with more vague “high/low” style controls which regulate gas flow from valves near door hinges.

3. Pellet Smokers

Pellet Smokers are the “set it and forget it” type of grill. They maintain your desired temperature by burning wood pellets as needed, which is a bonus because they can also get quite hot at times up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit! As for negatives? Well, there’s not much smoke flavor compared to traditional smokers that rely on true fires but once again you’ll have no problem getting a nice smoked flavor with this device.

With the ability to maintain a constant temperature, pellet smokers are an excellent choice for those looking to avoid burning their food. Like electric smokers, they also produce more smoke than traditional grills but don’t have any trouble getting that delicious grilled flavor!

4. Combo Smokers

In the world of smokers, there are a variety of options to choose from. Combo smokers can also be used as grills and have higher enough temperatures for barbecuing at various times during your outdoor cooking adventure! Pellet-style or offset style Kamado’s include features that allow you to cook directly over an open flame if desired – making them perfect additions in any outdoor kitchen pantry.

Combination smokers combine the best features of both types – cooking over an open flame with indirect heat or using wood pellets. Pellet and charcoal (fuel) smoking are gaining in popularity because they allow you to control what goes into your food without having all those pesky chemicals that can be found in store-bought products today.

5. Charcoal Smokers

Charcoal smokers are typically shaped like vertical cylinders, with the heat source directly below your food – but at a decent distance. The combination of charcoal and wood chips/chunks means these smokers can create amazingly deep smoke flavors that many find to be an excellent substitute for cooked foods in recipes where moistness or tenderness is desired.

however, this cooking method does come with its drawbacks such as having difficulty controlling the temperature on one’s own (though some might enjoy attempting) because airflow dampers must also maintain consistent levels throughout use

Charcoal smokers have been around since early times. They were originally used for cooking with fire, and still retain their roots in the modern world of food smoking today – despite being a bit more difficult than other types of smokers because you need to maintain temperature on your own but many find that aspect really fun!

It is hard not having someone else do all this work so I would definitely recommend getting one if want’s delicious smoked meats from time-tested methods without leaving home too much (or ever).

Wrapping it up

I hope this article was able to give you a good idea of what to consider when choosing a smoker for beginners. There are many great choices, but the best way is probably to go for an electric or gas model so that you can just set it and forget about it! If getting more involved with the cooking process sounds like fun, try out Masterbuilt’s excellent little smokers – they come in several different flavors as well. When looking at charcoal BBQs though – make sure if it’s from Weber because their quality never disappoints!”