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Today, no vehicle has complete autonomy in terms of driving. Nevertheless, Tesla wants to continue developing the Full Self-Driving option. Like Autopilot, it is an autopilot solution. With nearly a million cars on the road, the manufacturer enjoys a serious advantage over the competition. Tesla self-driving cars will be on-road soon for great test.

Tesla Self-driving cars beta version test

Fully autonomous driving is the goal of Tesla and other automakers. At the end of 2019, Toyota had however affirmed that no manufacturer was able to launch an autonomous car of level 5, the maximum level of driving autonomy. While some manufacturers offer Level 2 vehicles, Tesla is slightly ahead in swinging between Levels 2 and 3 with its Autopilot.

However, Tesla also offers another autopilot mode, Full Self-Driving (FSD) mode. As The Verge indicates in an article from October 21, 2020, the manufacturer recently offered a beta version of this model. Some owners of the brand’s vehicles have benefited from it as part of the Early Access Program and under the supervision of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). A few months ago, Tesla already announced an evolution of this option to around 6,500 euros. According to the manufacturer, this is not a simple improvement, but a complete rewrite of the software.

Advantages of Tesla Self-driving cars 2020

Elon Musk explained that he himself uses FSD mode when commuting between home and work. The interested party promised that vehicles equipped with this mode would be able to perceive their environment in “four dimensions” instead of two. In other words, a dimension is added where the algorithm would be able to predict variations in speed or even changes in the direction of objects near the vehicle. It should be noted that there are still unknowns about what the FSD will be able to do or not. Nevertheless, the FSD is added to an Autopilot already efficient although far from offering complete autonomy.

Tesla self-driving cars case study

In any case, Tesla has rather an interest in disseminating these new features to the general public fairly quickly. With around 900,000 cars already in circulation, the manufacturer has a clear advantage over the competition. Testing as many vehicles simultaneously (with feedback) could indeed allow rapid progress on the FSD.

Tesla must still be patient. Many criticisms are indeed aimed at the manufacturer because of its communication concerning the automation of driving. The accidents of recent years prove that some drivers lower their guard while driving. In Germany for example, Tesla no longer has the right to use the Autopilot label for a few months, considered misleading. There will be tesla self-driving cars for sale in the market soon.

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