Technology, key in the new professional profiles after the pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic , tremendously hard and suffered by the entire world population, leaves us with several changes of scenery that will mark, without any doubt, our future. If something positive can come out of this crisis, among other things, it is a variation when performing our professional work, since approximately one third of workers have signed up for teleworking.

In Spain this work modality, which before the appearance of covid-19 was 5%, as the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, recalled on esRadio , could become generalized if the regulatory measures that the Government wants to implement are not very restrictive.

The coronavirus crisis has also shown that the way we are going to live together is unthinkable without technology and digitization . These two aspects have marked and will dominate the way we communicate, the way we shop, how we work and how we relate to each other.

Large companies are those that have best understood the impulse of these two factors and have also understood that it is going to be necessary to have professionals with a technological profile on their staff . A paradigmatic case is that of Banco Santander, which in this strategy plans to incorporate 3,000 people specialized in technology during this year with the aim of being the best open platform for financial servic

e.These profiles that the entity chaired by Ana Botín wants to promote are professionals who will be able to develop their talent in the Technology and Operations division in areas related to agile, platforms and APIs (application programming interface), cloud (cloud), data, network (networks), DevSecOps (development, security and operations teams), Artificial Intelligence (AI), software development, enterprise architecture and cybersecurity.

Furthermore, Banco Santander has launched Be Tech! with Santander , an employment web page that will allow managing the hiring of these professionals with technological profiles that come from STEM careers (engineering, science, mathematics) and that will contribute to the transformation of the bank. Ana Botín has assured that “having the best technology is not only having the best in infrastructure, applications and processes, but also having the best, the most innovative talent”. Botín has stressed the importance of this change by which the entity prepares for the new scenario that is about to arrive:” We are developing the future of banking. It’s not just about technology, it’s also a new way of thinking and tackling problems. A new way of working and understanding the world.

Likewise, the entity has also launched different global scholarship programs that support university students and graduates in the development of digital, language and soft skills that improve their future employability.

What are those technological profiles like?

Banco Santander has been one of the leading and most recognized Spanish companies outside our borders for years. It is also a benchmark when it comes to incorporating technological profiles in a sector such as banking. Joan Rodríguez, Core Engineering DevSecOps within the bank’s Cybersecurity area, explains that ” technological profiles are the most demanded and the most suitable for someone who would like to join the Santander group “. He has given as an example: “Developers Frontend, Developers Backend, DevOps, Data scientists and in case of having a Cybersecurity area: DevSecOps, Threathunters, Incidenthandlers, Cyber ​​Analysts”.

Laura Gil Ballesteros , Senior Analyst and Ambassador of Digital Transformation in the Cloud Global OHE team of Banco Santander points out that “we are talking about technical specialists, architects and developers with specific knowledge, passionate about technology and with great motivation to contribute to the objective of the Bank to have the best open platform for financial services. ” For his part, Joan Rodríguez highlights the importance of the profile search section within the implementation of data and cybersecurity where ” today it is essential to have a very powerful area in cyber like the one we have “. He believes that it is “a world full of possibilities for new incorporations”.

The expert explains that Banco Santander has “several levels of defense” in terms of cybersecurity. He assures that they raise awareness among the thousands of employees of the entity because “the weakest point in this field is the human, any distraction is an open door to our systems and as such we must be aware that they will try to deceive us to attack the Bank.”

Promotion of these profiles for incorporation to the BS

One of the strategies to attract these profiles is to use the most recent and lifelong tactics, as well as a campaign through social networks. Laura Gil Ballesteros has told how Banco Santander “is making a very strong external campaign through different social networks and websites to attract the best in the market ” in which “the Group’s own workers are being encouraged” a lot to promote the positions being offered. ”

Joan Rodríguez tells how this campaign is being carried out in which “a small group of Santander Global Tech employees, who show the most technical side of Santander, and our way of making them reach those profiles that we want to incorporate is through our public website “. The expert also tells how they have launched “a hackathon in our facilities a few months ago” that with the coronavirus crisis will be difficult to repeat.

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