Technological activity in Spain stands out with a significant impact on GDP

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Among many other technology companies, the Iberian division of Samsung has presented its 2019 Annual Report , which shows that the house would have contributed 1,735 million euros to the economy of our country during the past year, which represents an increase of 1.7% compared to the previous year

In this report, the company shows the results of its commercial activity, contributing to collective progress through the economy, employment or the fiscal sphere, indicators that show growth over the previous year. Thus, the total contribution to Spanish GDP in 2019 amounted to 771 million euros . This figure includes the direct contribution of the company of 67.9 million euros, the additional indirect contribution of 165.9 million destined to expenses in national suppliers and 372.5 million for the driving contribution to GDP derived from the sale of Samsung products , highlighting a 79% increase in the impact on specialized electronics retail.

The total impact generated by Samsung rises to 17,004 jobs. In 2019, its human team amounted to 348 people while the indirect jobs generated reached 3,599, highlighting the advertising and marketing sectors (40% jobs) and the repair of electronic equipment (21% jobs). Similarly, in terms of the tractor impact on employment, in 2019 more than 10,569 jobs were generated , while those generated through the induced impact reached the figure of 2,288.

Among the different initiatives carried out over the past year, the company has continued working to favor the use of technology in teaching through Samsung Smart School, a program developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Professional Training and the Regional Ministries of Education of the autonomous communities, whose objective is to incorporate technology in the classrooms as an integrating and channeling element of methodological change. Since its launch six years ago, the initiative has focused on public schools in areas at risk of digital divide , isolated areas and / or with a high rate of immigration or unemployment. In total, it has been implemented in 108 classrooms, with more than 4,000 participating students.

It has also promoted youth employment and talent through its Samsung Tech Institute training program, which seeks to improve the employability of young people, as well as adapt their knowledge to the requirements of the professional profiles most in demand today. During the last six years, it has trained over 2,000 students with a 45% employability ratio . Within this program, the Samsung DesArrolladoras initiative stands out, which aims to alleviate the shortage of women in the field of STEM professions and encourage their incorporation into the different professional specialties related to engineering and software development .

Through its services, Samsung is building a more technological, innovative and connected future. The company has continued to incorporate in all its products innovations that will mark the future such as 5G , Artificial Intelligence or IoT with a common element as important as Security. In the services area, Samsung Pay experienced a growth of 130% in the number of users and 284% in the number of transactions during 2019 and has continued with improvements including payment with smartwatch in the Rewards program and the possibility of using the service in app and web purchases .

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