TCL is a giant misunderstood in the West

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If you ask the people around you (two meters away, of course) about television brands, no one will answer TCL. And yet it is the second manufacturer . And it not only manufactures TVs successfully, but is in the top five in other product categories, such as white-range refrigerators or air conditioning and mobile phones .

So it is easy to understand that year after year TCL spokespersons dedicate a good part of their presentation at IFA (and other fairs) to putting themselves in value. And, despite the virtuality, they have not failed in this year’s meeting in Berlin either. Through the computer screen, it was even possible to notice that there was some anger in the emphasis they put when shelling data, such as their first position in Australia.

Apart from these figures of the different podiums by sectors and countries (it is present in 160 countries ), when one visits its stands – for example, at the Mobile World Congress or here at IFA – one finds dozens of showcases showing multiple proposals of screens. With a single drilled hole, with two, with bangs, without bangs, with fingerprint scanner under the screen, smooth, rounded, flexible …

So the screen is one of their strengths and one of the announcements they have made has been precisely a rather special screen. They call it NXTPAPER and it could be defined as the combination of an LCD screen with an electronic ink screen . It would be the perfect solution to the irritation and fatigue problems that some attribute to backlit displays. According to TCL “it is the artistic combination between screen and paper”. They have dedicated two years of research and have applied for 11 patents related to eye protection .

What they get, always according to TCL and without having seen them, is a Full-HD definition with a viewing experience similar to that of printed color paper , without flickering and without “the harmful blue light”. Compared to electronic ink screens, it has 25% more contrast and, compared to an LCD panel, is 36% thinner, as well as 65% more efficient. They are very appropriate screens for reading due to their similarity to electronic ink or paper, but at the same time they allow video viewing .

TCL also launches two tablets, the TCL 10 TABMAX and the TCL 10 TABMID , although still without this new technology. The former has a larger screen (10.36 inches versus eight) and is also more advanced. For example, you can use the TCL Stylus. With a 8,000 milliamp battery, you can choose an exclusively WiFi model (249 euros) or 4G (299 euros). The TCL 10 TABMID will cost 229 euros.

TCL is committed to the development of QLED technology, like Samsung, for example, and took advantage of the fair to present its QLEDs with 4K and 8K resolutions, in addition to the new AiPQ processor , which uses artificial intelligence tools for optimization of the image and sound of your televisions.

In these times of isolation, the Movetime FAmily Watchs MT43A smartwatch (they could have chosen a longer name) may be an option for seniors living alone . In addition to monitoring physical activity, it has 4G connectivity for hands-free conversations, detects falls, monitors heart rate, can be programmed to warn of taking medication … It will be available this fall for 229 euros.

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